Why Should You Get Your AC Maintained Annually?

Why Should You Get Your AC Maintained Annually?

After a typical hot and sweaty day in the city, we like coming home to a cool and airy room, making a difference in our mood. It cools you down and also melts away that stress, right? This is why we like air conditioners so much. It makes an impact on our daily stressful lives.

But did you know after repeated use, even sophisticated devices like air conditioners need servicing? AC maintenance is necessary to keep the system in good condition for a longer period. To know more about it, keep reading this article till the end, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Importance Of AC Service

AC is a beautifully designed device that keeps your house or office cool. They keep the room temperature bearable even on extremely hot and sultry days and keep your room fresh and airy. It is rightful to say that Ac’s have become a part of our lifestyle. And to keep it in good condition is our duty. AC Service Charges taken by various maintenance companies are nominal given the service they do.

  • Healthy System Less Repairs

It might happen that your AC is working fine, but out of the blue, it just stops working. And then suddenly, you find out that you need to get costly repairs for your air conditioner. And trust us when we say costly because they are really expensive, as it sometimes requires parts replacement, etc.

But this undue circumstance can be avoided if you start getting your servicing done at regular intervals. When trained professionals view and repair your system, they make all the necessary changes and inform you beforehand about the condition of your AC, which allows you to plan your expenditure.

  • Boosts The Ac Performance

If you notice spotty cooling around your home where one room feels chill and airy whereas the other is not, blame it on your maintenance overdue. AC maintenance at regular internals and tune-up once a year will keep your device healthy and boost its performance.

The regular wear and tear causes dust particles to get clogged in the cooling system of the AC. And when the expert does AC maintenance, they get rid of all that and restore it to its previous position. And as a result you experience a comfortable atmosphere inside your house.

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

Have your electricity bills become as high as the temperature during summers- high? And there is no sign of reduction? This can be due to skipping annual tune-ups of your air conditioner.

Without annual servicing and maintenance, your air conditioner will continue to become less energy-efficient and will gradually lose its efficiency. Resulting in a heavy repair bill that you will have to bear suddenly.

You might not find this credible but stop and think about it; your air conditioner runs almost all the time in the hot and humid months. But it is not maintain properly, so what happens? With every passing hour, the efficiency decreases by 5%to 10%, but you continue to pay more for less cooling.

  • Extends Lifespan Of Your AC

It is right that AC Service Charges are high, but you know what’s higher? A new air conditioner. Your goal must be to get the maximum out of your system, and to do that; you need to keep it in good health by getting it service by professionals annually.

Air conditioners that are serviced properly last for 15 to 20 years. And this is a huge time, and you know why? Because the owner gets the annual tune-up without fail, all the clog dust and grime are clean up. But failing to do that means putting more pressure on your system. The system has to work harder with all the grime and dust bound to cause breakdown any day!

AC tune-ups will not make your machine last forever but will improve its life span.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

In the above points, we have already spoken about how dust particles can affect your system and impact your machine and pocket! But that’s not the end; there is another equally concerning effect: on your indoor air quality. The air conditioner regulates indoor air quality. But if the air conditioner is dirty, the IAQ will be poor. It can also cause dust allergies and can impact your health.

Many experts also said that we all spend more time indoors with a raging pandemic and lockdowns worldwide than outdoors. So if the indoor air quality is not taken care of, there is a higher chance that we will fall prey to the various infections and allergies.

Now let’s talk about the positive impact AC’s have on your health. Ac’s regulates the indoor air quality and can also prevent infections and allergies as the polluted air will be filter out, and the room will fill with pure, clean air.

  • Your Comfort Is Important

The various points mention above have primarily been focused on the finances and necessity of maintenance but let’s not forget that AC’s are luxurious cooling systems that are primarily install to bring relief to you. So your comfort is of primary importance. So if your AC stops functioning or breaks down every other day, it is not nice for you. In such a case, what should you do to prevent it? Get the maintenance down and the tune-ups done annually.

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We all love the cool and breezy air-conditioned rooms, and to keep the device in good condition, maintenance is necessary. So without any ado, get your tune-up annually.


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