Why I Think Inground Hot Tubs Aren’t Worth The Investment


I have a confession to make. I’m a hot tub addict. Ever since my first visit to the spa in my gym, it became a weekly ritual for me. When I started working out more regularly, I wanted to use the hot tub even more. So, I thought to get my own. I was soon faced with two options – either to get an portable (more affordable hot tub) or to get an inground one. Here is why I didn’t opt for the fixed option. You can book appointments for online salon services today easily through multiple applications.  It can be done at home and can also be done at salons. In this heavy routine, you might not get the time of fixing an appointment by going down to the salon, you can do it easily with the assistance of the Salon Booking app. Be it any service, removing facial hair, or any other service, all of them are available online. You may have heard of waxing to be a way of removing facial hair, but including that, there are multiple other ways that can help you in getting rid of facial hair. Let us visit on some of the ways:

The Initial Cost

As you can imagine, inground hot tubs cost a lot more to install. Not only are they more expensive to buy, but you need to hire a whole construction crew to make sure that it is installed correctly. This means that there is a lot more money that you have to pay upfront, which isn’t always feasible.


While the hot tub is very durable, it is also prone to scratching and peeling of the shell. Once you have any cosmetic damage in the shell, there’s no way to fix it and you’re stuck with an ugly hot tub. 


If you want to install an inground hot tub, then as I’ve previously mentioned – you’ll need to hire a construction crew. This means disrupting your home life for days or even weeks. This is very inconvenient, especially when compared to the ease with which portable hot tubs can be installed (without professional help whatsoever). 

Also, once you install a fixed spa of any kind, it is permanently in place. You can’t use that area of your yard or deck for anything at all. With an inflatable hot tub, you can simply deflate, drain, and stow away the entire unit without any problems, if the need arises.

Maintenance And Function 

As you can see, inground hot tubs are more expensive (at least initially). But do you get what you pay for? Are they better than their portable counterparts? The truth is that they aren’t. Maintaining any hot tub and the energy costs of running it are similar, depending on the size of the tub itself. As for function, I’ve tried both and have come to the conclusion that while they are slightly different, they function pretty much in the same way. So, I don’t believe you would get anything more for the added costs. In my book, that makes it a bad investment.


After trying out and comparing the costs of getting an inground hot tub vs. an inflatable one, I’ve come to the conclusion that they just aren’t worth the investment. You pay more, but don’t get more. The more affordable option is actually more convenient and offers some features you won’t find in a fixed spa. Unless you’re trying to increase your property value, I see no point in enduring weeks of construction to get an inground hot tub that works just as well as an inflatable spa. Also, for increasing your property value, you’re better off installing a sauna.


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