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Are you waking up more tired and grumpy in the morning instead of well-rested? It may surprise you to know that cheap fitted bed sheets and pillows may be to blame. Like pillows, bed sheets are always especially overlooked when considering the factors contributing to a goodnight’s sleep. But they are crucial; they are your night “jacket” that provides insulation, warmth and comfort.

What are the fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets are large pieces of material crafted to fit snugly over the mattress.

Fitted bed sheets prevent from dislodging while tossing around during slumber, thanks to its elasticized band sewn into the seam of material. The elastic enables the sheet to hug the corners of your sheet tightly, so while you are naturally moving during sleeping, the sheet does not detach itself from the mattress. Here are the things to consider when buying ideal fitted sheets for your mattress:

Thread count:

High thread count doesn’t signify the high-quality sheets. If simply put, thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into fabric per square inch. When the bedding linen technically features more fibres per square inch, the quality of the sheets in some cases is far inferior to other bedspreads with lesser thread counts.

Fabric Choices:

Some materials tend to sleep cooler than others, so the best suitable sheets for summers may differ from the best sheets for winters. Synthetic fibres trap heat which makes the sleeper hot while sleeping. It may lead to poor sleep quality and restlessness.

On the contrary, cool and breathable sheets regulate your body temperature and provide a much more peaceful sleeping experience.

Studies show that the colour of your bedding also affects your sleep quality. White, grey, cream, blue, and purple bedding create relaxing and soothing sleeping spaces. In essence, the most comfortable fitted sheets are a matter of personal preference. 

Bedding Maintenance:

Make sure to launder your new sheets at least twice before sleeping on them to remove dust, fabric treatment residue, and linen enhancements such as stiffening agents that are excessively used to ensure the attractive packaging of your items. And be mindful of the kind of detergent you use while giving your sheets a quick wash. Some people are allergic to the perfumes and dyes in laundry soap. The use of dyed and scented soap products can cause skin and respiratory irritation that may disturb sleep quality. For most people, it is best to wash bed sheets every 7 to 10 days. Cleans and fresh linens are the best bedding to ensure a full-rested slumber. Make sure to wash them frequently.

Other Considerations:

Do you live in zones with freezing winters or steamy summers? Have you ever considered changing your bedding to match the seasons to reap the advantage of the best material used for fitted sheets in hot or cold temperature? According to the current season, many people prefer jersey and flannel sheets in winter and breathable cotton sheets in summers to ensure a peaceful sleep – warm or cool -. Don’t forget to replace your sheets every 18 to 24 months. Regular washing and general wear cause fibre numbness and thin spots, which make your sheets uncomfortable to sleep. You can also go for waterproof bed sheets to prevent trespassing of liquids to your mattress.

What Makes a Fitted Sheet an Ideal Choice?

Best Fitted Bed Sheets in Pakistan are used to cover your mattress – the elastic band holds them neatly in place. They are also called bottom sheets. It is vital to have a right-sized fitted sheet as it fits snugly on your mattress. Fitted sheets excessively used due to their numerous benefits of which are stated below:

Protection for your Mattress:

A fitted sheet works as a protection shield for your mattress from normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear come in the form of stains of food, liquid, bodily fluids, rips, or tears. Mattresses are the most expensive part of your bed, and when treated with care and regular maintenance that would last for 10 to 12 years.            

Easy Removal:

Fitted sheets snug tightly on your mattress, but all it takes for the removal is a simple pluck from one of the corners from its hold to remove the sheet. This easy removal is perfect for a hectic laundry day. It is a lot easier than removing a quilted mattress cover — that is bulky and very difficult to remove, primarily if it covers the entire mattress. Most fitted sheets are easy to launder at home with your regular laundry cycle. So there are no more expensive trips to expensive dry-cleaners but instead following simple cleaning instructions. 

Tidy and Wrinkle-free Surface:

When choosing a fitted sheet for homes, the most crucial thing is to know the correct dimensions of your mattress – width and length and the depth of a mattress. Fitted bed sheets must pull tightly over your mattress so that they can’t be easily pulled off. Buying the wrong size will cause lots of nuisance and disturbance – the sheet will not be able to round the corners and cease to stay in place.

When a fitted sheet fits snuggly over your mattress, it provides a smooth and wrinkle-free surface to sleep. Always remember to use the correct measurements for your fitted sheet. The numerous benefits of using fitted sheets make them the ideal choice among people.

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Fitted sheets Textile industry in Pakistan are manufacturing a wide range of bedspreads that adversely differ in color and quality. The type of fabric and color solely depends on your personal preference. Go for the best suitable option to dive in, cuddle up and sleep for a fortnight!


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