Why Encourage The Use Of Steel Industry Co-Products?


Steelmaking manufactures not only utilizes steel but a range of materials that are either needed in steelmaking or unanticipated as a result of manufacture.

For example, in the manufacture of steel, slag is necessary because it eliminates impurities in the steel, enabling it to meet the levels of purity and the qualities demanded for our clients.

Another co-product of iron-oxide steelmaking, either as scaling or powder and sludge, is produced by the steel refining in rolling mills or gas cleaning equipment.

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Regardless of the stainless-steel production step, coproducts generally have a value and can either be returned to the steel production process or used as useful resources for other sectors.

Advantages of Co-products in steel industry

The application of co-products in the steel industry has various advantages and should be incentivized:

  • Prevention of waste dumping -the use of materials minimizes deposit requirements and reduces the cost of depositing.
  • Improve resource efficiency – If materials like dust and scales are returned to the process, the industry may make more by reducing them.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions – the use of granulated blast furnace slag as kiln substitution provides a reduction in emissions of around 10 percent in cement production. In principle, all co-products that replace another material’s manufacturing process will save the emissions of deadly gases and CO2 in the manufacturing process.
  • Preserving virgin materials – slags used for the construction of roads replaced sand and gravel to be extracted otherwise. This is in addition to reducing raw materials by using scrap steel on site.
  • Creating value – steelmaking slag used for reefs helps preserve healthy waters and upgrades co-products to provide greater value and sophisticated usage of the desired qualities.
  • Revenue generation — co-productions to sell as input material to other sectors provide steelmaker value and decrease costs, e.g., in the field of deposits. Examples include Sulphur and tar generation in coke manufacture.

With all this in mind, the adoption of policies that permit the sustainable use of co-products is vital. Steelmakers also must play a part in maximizing their utilization.

The Role of Policy Makers

  • Enhancing the public perception of industry co-products – for example by making them distinct from waste in legislation.
  • Ensuring that both co-products and virgin materials meet the same requirements – special-use testing systems must impose the same requirement on all alternative materials regardless of their source.
  • Enable increased flexibility in, for example, the process of enabling research into new industrial coproduct applications – this would promote inventive solutions for new applications.
  • Promote co-product use, as long as all the conditions for this specific use are fulfilled.

The role of manufacturing steel

Steel makers must take coproducts into consideration and ensure that they manufacture them such that both the attributes and the quality of their products are consistent and suited for future application.

In order to continue to improve the qualities of its co-products, the steel industry must seek new or more advantageous uses. The more accuracy the more value is created inside the process.

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This is being done by many firms, but more efforts would have a favorable impact on potential consumers’ readiness to view their input materials as viable alternatives.

It will be increasingly vital to do much less with resource efficiency and circular economy and encourage full use of industrial coproducts. We can all make a genuine impact to the environment with a common effort of policy writers and the steel sector and the readiness of potential consumers to consider coproducts.


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