What’s The Ideal Age for Orthodontic Treatment – Is There One?

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is the best way to treat the alignment of the teeth and improve their appearance. But what age is perfect for having the Portland orthodontist treatment? Most orthodontists prefer to have the treatment as early as possible. 

However, the expert orthodontist suggests that the ideal age to have the orthodontist treatment is between the age of 7 to 10 years. This is because children have a mix of primary and permanent teeth at this age, or maybe all the teeth are turned into permanent ones. 

So, if you see that the kids’ teeth are not aligned, have overcrowded teeth, or their jawline isn’t straight, then this is the right time to have the orthodontist treatment. 

What Do These Braces Do for Kids ‘ Teeth? 

Portland orthodontists can help to solve the multiple dental issues of the kids. The dental problems may include the missing of the teeth, an extra tooth, overcrowding of the teeth, teeth spacing and over-biting issues. These kinds of dental problems are often called malocclusions. 

The orthodontist in Portland can provide the best treatment to treat these malocclusions through braces. Yes, metallic braces or any other form of braces can help address several dental problems mentioned above. The braces can put pressure on the jaw muscles and push the teeth to set back to the place. 

This treatment will help achieve long-term benefits such as straightening up the teeth, reducing the teeth’ spaces, and keeping the jawline straight. However, keep in mind that the orthodontist treatment may take a long time to fix the issues. Moreover, the minimum age of the kid must be seven years or above. 

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When should You First Bring Your Child to the Best Orthodontist in Portland? 

Orthodontist problems can’t be ignored, especially in kids. But parents often remain confused about the right time of taking their child to the best orthodontist in Portland. Remember that the kids’ teeth keep on developing till their turn into permanent teeth. 

However, some orthodontist issues can be addressed quickly, such as overcrowded teeth and underbites at six or seven. In addition, some other problems related to the kids’ teeth can also be addressed and treated at that age. Hence, the early appointment at the orthodontist can help give them proper treatment and cure the issue at the earliest. In addition, you can take your child to the orthodontist, which is beneficial to maintain oral hygiene. 

Proper Treatment at The Right Age 

However, the age of getting the orthodontist treatment for young children is just a number. Therefore, if your kid is suffering from dental issues, it is recommended to start the treatment as early as possible before the situation worsens. 

Early treatment will help to maintain their vibrant smiles and also give them the confidence to smile brighter. In addition, early diagnoses can help in curing the issues such as: 

  • Overcrowded teeth that may disturb the eating pattern 
  • Late and early loss of the teeth 
  • Chewing difficulty due to teeth spaces and misaligned teeth 
  • Mouth breathing issues 
  • Misaligned teeth which may affect the smiles 
  • Jaw dysfunction, protruding jaw, sunken jaw and many more 
  • Teeth gap and loss of teeth 

If you diagnose these issues in your kids, you should go for the primary treatment, which helps eliminate these issues. But many parents think that kids are at growing age and teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth and misaligned teeth will be acceptable by the passing time. 

However, this is a wrong assumption of the parents. The truth is these issues don’t go away as they age; they will remain longer and may cause severe issues that may be difficult to cure. Hence, it would be helpful if you take your child to the orthodontist for the earlier treatment. 

The earlier treatment also helps deal with the future related dental problem, which might be a severe cause of concern if left untreated. Portland orthodontist also helps in building a healthy eating habit and cleaning the mouth. 

Bottom Line 

Orthodontist treatment helps bring a brighter smile and keep the teeth straight and aligned. Starting the treatment at an early age will help deal with the issues and give them the primary treatment that can benefit the long term. Even adults can go for the orthodontist treatment to treat their misaligned teeth. This can be a great option to bring the smile back to the faces.


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