What is the role of RAM in smartphone and why companies are investing to make huge RAM smartphone

why companies are investing to make huge RAM smartphone

The RAM of a smartphone plays a major role in helping smartphones achieve maximum efficiency, enable multi-tasking, high end gaming to deliver a superior end user experience.

The smartphone evolution has been a long story which started almost a decade back. In 2021, we have reached the pinnacle of smartphone revolution. The increase in the size of the RAM is noticeable. The RAM has a major role to play in empowering a smartphone.

This is the reason why smartphone companies are manufacturing phones with substantial RAM capacity. Let us first try and understand the important role played by RAM in a smartphone. Today, the best smartphone under 25000 come with 6GB and above RAM specification. The 8GB RAM smartphone is one of the most popular RAM specifications in online and retail stores.

For readers who are not too familiar with the concept of RAM, let us tell you that it is the abbreviation used for Random Access Memory. Today, it is one of the most fundamental quality parameters for smartphone buyers.

The efficiency of a smartphone increases with the RAM capacity. The system and architecture of RAM in a smartphone is completely analogous to that of a computer. Additionally, the added storage space imparts the device more efficiency in terms of processing more information.

When a smartphone is switch on, a portion of the RAM memory or primary memory is acquire by your operating system. Moreover, the remaining RAM memory is acquire by other important applications and the remaining portion of the RAM is use for all other ongoing applications. If the RAM capacity is low, the overall smartphone efficiency will be hindered.

Why you should go for higher RAM space

The RAM is the primary memory of a smartphone which is responsible for processing information in bits. This capability of the RAM enhances the speed of your smartphone. Today, the entire mobile ecosystem is flooded with heavy applications and games. As a result, these applications need a faster processing unit to ensure a seamless mobile experience to the end user.

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RAM for Gaming

RAM is a key performance indicator of gaming handsets.Iif you are an avid gamer and understand technology, then you should be aware of the high data processing speed required for high end gaming. Also, a high RAM smartphone will ensure a smooth gaming experience to the user irrespective of the complexity of the application.

For example PUBG like games require very high RAM capacity to ensure mid game messaging and outgoing/incoming call facilities. Without a high RAM configuration, these tasks would not be possible.

RAM for multitasking

Multitasking is one of the key features of modern smartphones. RAM is one of the components which help smartphones multitask easily. The processor and the RAM combine to keep multiple applications running in the background while you focus on a single task. Therefore, along with a good RAM, a smartphone is powered by a good processor and graphics card.

Impact of Low RAM

The low RAM capacity mobile phones will be sluggish in daily operations. A low RAM capacity would minimize its ability to process high speed and applications. As a result, the user will complain of a slow handset. If you are looking for a truly amazing smartphone experience, then you should opt for a 6GB RAM or higher. It is the right RAM configuration to help you multitask with ease. Thus, all smartphone users should regularly clear the internal cache memory for better phone performance.

Some popular 8GB RAM smartphones

Realme X – A very popular 8GB RAM phone from the house of Realme. It comes with a 6.53 inch display and a 48 + 5 MP 16 MP (rear camera). The 3765 mAh battery is responsible for giving a prolonged battery life to the phone.

Redmi Note 8 Pro – This phone comes with a 6.53 inch display screen along with (64+8+2+2) MP/20MP camera. Additionally, the MediaTek Helio G90T(Octa) processor is the main driving force behind the phone. In addition, the phone comes with a long battery life owing to its 4500 mAh battery.

Oppo F17 – The 6.44 inch screen is supported by a Snapdragon 662 processor and Android v 10 (Q) operating system. The 4015 mAh battery is responsible for the long battery life. Furthermore, with face lock and fingerprint sensor, it becomes the perfect smartphone for personal use.

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