What Is The Deal With Vegan Protein Powders?

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People tend to ask vegans the most routine question: ‘From where do you get your protein?’ The common misconception among the masses is that people who follow a diet only get sufficient protein by eating animal products such as meat, dairy, fish, etc.

In reality, a vegan diet is more than enough to fulfil the protein requirement of an individual. As a matter of fact, most vegans use supplements such as vegan protein powder to fulfil any additional requirement of protein.

First thing first, let us understand what protein is and why we need it. 

What is Protein, and Why Do We Need it?

The word protein is derived from the Greek’ proteios,’ which means a group of fundamental organic compounds present in every living cell in our bodies. Therefore, we owe our existence to protein as it is crucial to every living cell.

All protein compounds are made of amino acids, and it is the sequence of amino acids that administers the function of protein in our bodies. For instance, protein can function as a hormone, enzyme, antibody and even parts of body tissues such as hair, muscles, collagen. Check out Healthy Planet Canada to learn more about protein.

But do we really need the amount of protein we think we need?

This is one of the most disputed and debated questions in the world of nutrition. However, most people agree that we need about 0.75 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight. This simply means that a person weighing 65 kg must consume at least 48 to 49 grams of protein each day.

Now it’s no secret that protein requirement also depends on the lifestyles of individuals; therefore, it is better to let the body itself decide the amount it needs. This is the main reason why sportspeople who train harder than an average individual relies upon well-known brands such as Vega Sport Protein Powder. Having an active job or doing any activity that burns a lot of energy will always increase the body’s protein requirements.  

Regular and Vegan Protein

While we are at it, let us understand the difference between regular protein powder and vegan protein powder.

At some point or the other, we have all faced difficulties in fulfilling the protein requirement of our body. Protein powder is basically the easiest and affordable way to ensure that our bodies get the protein they need. Protein powder can be consumed in various ways, including porridge, smoothie, baked protein dishes, and more. Furthermore, as mentioned above, animal products are not the only source of protein; in fact, manufacturers such as Vega Sport Protein have come up with ingenious ways to fulfil the protein requirements of vegan or vegetarian people.  

There are a wide range of vegan protein powders that are available in the market today. Vegan protein powder is not very different from our usual protein powder. The only difference between the two is that usual protein powder is commonly made from dairy or casein products. In contrast, vegan protein powder sources its protein from plant-based sources such as hemp or soy. 

Myths About Vegan Protein Powder

The emergence and easy availability of vegan protein powder has fueled the rise of some protein myths in dire need of debunking. Therefore, without wasting much time, let us take a look at some of these myths and see if we can debunk them.

  • Myth Number One: This is the good old ‘Animal protein is superior to plant protein in terms of fulfilling the nutritional requirements of our bodies.’

The Fact: Taking a look at the structure of amino acid of protein found in our bodies, scientists say that the amino acid structuring in us humans and animals are very similar to each other. This is the main reason behind the popularity gained by this myth.

However, what people forget is that the structure of amino acids in soy is similar to humans. But in other plant-based proteins, the amount of essential amino acid often varies in percentage. Therefore, now we understand why it is vital to have a diet with different fruits and vegetables.

  • Myth Number Two: ‘Plant-based proteins are incomplete and must be paired together to form the complete protein.’

The Fact: The amount of amino acid in plant-based food often varies in concentration or percentage, which is why the idea of complementary protein has been gaining so much traction in the past few years. Combining different plant-based food to reap the benefits of complete protein does not add up, probably because it is not valid.

Experts say that we do not always need to consume all of these food items at the same meal to reap the protein benefits. Consuming food that is rich in nutrients can be just as good and effective.

  • Myth Number Three: ‘Vegan protein falls short of all the proteins we need to maintain our health.’

The Fact: One of the main reasons why vegan protein powder Canada has gained so much trust and popularity over the years is because grains, seeds, vegetables, nuts, and more are all a source of good quality plant-based protein.

Not just that, but even many kinds of fruits can also be a source of plant protein. Therefore, anyone maintaining a balanced diet by including all these plant-based foods need not worry about their body’s protein requirements as this diet will seamlessly take care of that. 

Final Thoughts

The best thing about vegan protein powder is that there are plenty of ways in which an individual could use the powder in their food. With so many plant-based protein sources that include soy protein, chia seed protein, pea protein and more, people no longer worry about finding extraordinary ways to consume protein and maintain a healthy body.  

The other good thing about vegan protein powder is that they often come in numerous incredible flavours so that people can enjoy their supplement. Flavours ranging from strawberry, banana, vanilla, orange, and more have somehow managed to lure in more and more people to live a healthy life and enjoy a healthy and tasty supplement in whichever form they prefer.


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