In the current generation, where everybody is connected to the internet with broadband and smartphone, everybody has access to the internet. With everyone shifting to the digital platform for marketing, the internet is flooded with advertising content, and we do not have time for looking into every content. Your mail and social media accounts are flooded with ads. Videos are becoming an effective medium to capture a shopper’s attention. Since it is a varied-sensible format, dealers may entail more information in a short video than through text or images. Independent surveys conducted with various age groups have resulted that Video is more engaging and more memorable for many viewers. Digital Marketing Courses In Puneare available for those who want to know in this field. YouTube has been popular with netizens to express themself and has risen to be the second-most-populated search engine, trailing only Google. Sales can be catapulted with video marketing at a very reasonable cost and can have a broader reach that can be somehow tracked from traditional mediums. We will be discussing a few of them here.

The top 5 ways to drive more sales with video marketing are:

1.  Vlogging  – blogging is nothing new to us. Vlogging is a series of video articles on different subjects. It can be a personal website, a Facebook page, or an Instagram account to post regular updates about

events, news, views, or documentation in video format where your viewers or followers can interact with you. It can be taken up as a career option based on popularity and reach; you can convey your message with a click of a button to a large audience. And the icing on the cake is it can be further shared by users in the same and across platforms for a wider reach. A trending vlog can reach millions of users in few hours through sharing.

2.  Tutorials – a video tutorial have a significantly wider reach. Students are looking for various course content on the internet. Informative Video on such a subject can be an excellent medium to reach a wider audience. A little advertisement in the middle of a Video with a lot of information will not affect the popularity of the same. It can address various FAQs addressed. Or on any informative subject. Digital Marketing Training in Pune is available for learning the basics and tricks for digital marketing.

3.  Live streams – Live streams can be spontaneous or planned. It is prevalent among social media, where live streams are shared among social groups for wider reach. It can be a live interview, an event, or an incident occurring with an active internet connection. Anybody can go live on social media. An example can be live documentation of a cyclone update that can go viral on the internet. People are looking for live updates of the same or a direct interaction with a celebrity on the go. If the content has potential, it can be trending over the net very quickly. It has become a popular medium for celebrities to interact live with their admirers or fans.

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4.  Product videos – A product video can be treated as an informative advertisement about a product showcasing its features and specification, which need to be showcased. It can be product-specific or a comparison statement for a specific range of products. Or a 3rd party review on a particular product. You can find many such videos making the rounds on YouTube where we can get a review of mobile phones, bikes, and cars by experts who address every aspect of the product giving vita information about it. Some videos have reached good viewership records, and people have made YouTube channels just by making various product videos and are having a good no of subscribers and earning a good amount of money from this. If you have good knowledge of any subject or product, you can provide information like servicing, installation, or even troubleshooting. Dos and don’ts regarding the product will help tons of users searching for similar content on the net. Some organizations have even posted installation and basic maintenance and FAQ of their products online for their users and have given links for the same in their site and product brochures.  These videos can be shared across various social media mediums. Digital Marketing Classes in Pune are available for learning digital marketing.

5.  Webinars – A webinar can be an online meeting, digital class, and discussion, Q&A session conducted by students, and Organization Company, or a school. It can have multimedia content can even be a class taken online. It can be a corporate presentation or a client meeting, where the webinar members can be anywhere in the world with an active internet connection. It has very quickly risen to be a platform of Video conferencing solution with a recording facility. In this pandemic situation, all education institutions are using some webinar medium to take online classes of their students. In a webinar, we can conduct an instant poll among participants; even an examination can be conducted. Webinars are a fast-growing medium for product training and group interaction medium for organizations. Still, for using any of these trending mediums, you will need skills and knowledge in various tools and technologies. You have to hire professionals with skills and experiences in this field called digital marketing. Startups or entrepreneurs with basic knowledge can also use this medium for advertising and providing digital content about their organization and products online. Various information and tutorials are available on the internet on this subject. Still, it is suggested that a beginner get this hands-on training from any professional organization providing such courses. Digital marketing courses and training with regular classes are available in Pune for aspirants to make digital marketing their career.


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