Top 10 Benefits Of Vitamin D For Skin, Hair And Health

Top 10 Benefits Of Vitamin D For Skin, Hair And Health

We have all heard about different types of vitamins and their benefits for our skin, hair and health. Among all these, the vitamin D carries a special place as its benefits are, probably, more widespread than any other vitamin out there. So, without wasting any time at all, let’s dive straight into it and find out what benefits has to offer for your hair, skin, and overall health.

Hair Benefits Of Vitamin D Especially for Kids

Yes, every kid loves to get a gentle baby hair brush and use it to take care of their beautiful, luscious and lustrous hair. But what if you don’t have such beautiful hair? Well, a great way to have thick and strong hair that look beautiful is including food sources rich in vitamin D into your diet. Here we have a few benefits that can deliver to you and your kids hair. Let’s take a look.

  1. When you lack vitamin D, it can lead to hair loss. It is actually present in the healthy follicles and usually lacks in those unhealthy ones. This vitamin is also known to reduce stress which is one of the major causes of hair loss.
  2. This vitamin also takes pride in being the forerunner in the cycle of hair growth. It acts on keratinocytes for initiating cycling of the hair follicles and stimulating hair growth.
  3. Vitamin D is also converted into calcidiol when it exists in the liver. It is further converted by kidneys calcitriol, the active form of it. It helps in regulating cellular apoptosis that, in turn, regulates hair follicle cycle.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin D

Now that you know enough about how vitamin D helps your hair, let’s check out what it can do to your overall health.

  1. First of all, it helps intestines in absorbing calcium, phosphorus, and nutrients. This paves way for strong bones as well as healthy immune system.
  2. It helps balance calcium in our body and makes sure that arthritis is prevented.
  3. Vitamin D can also help in preventing osteomalacia that actually causes your muscular system to get weaker and the bones to go brittle. Mostly, it is prevalent in the adults deficient in it.
  4. In addition, it also helps to regulate blood pressure as well as reduce tension and stress. It’s also helpful in relieving body pains and aches as it helps reduce muscle spasms. Furthermore, it reduces the probability of respiratory infection as well.

Vitamin D Benefits For Skin

The way your skin appears also reflects your overall health. Besides offering quite a few health benefits vitamin D also helps with your skin as well. Here are some of the major benefits it offers for your skin.

  1. The antioxidant content of this helps prevent premature aging and skin damage. You can take it both in your diet and also as a supplement. You may even expose it to your skin directly for relieving these conditions.
  2. Vitamin D is also popularly known to treat psoriasis. The psoriasis symptoms usually include flaky and itchy skin that helps healing either through topical application of a cream containing the vitamin or through prescription supplements.
  3. This natural vitamin is also helpful in the treatment of eczema and can also potentially heal rosacea symptoms as well. Those suffering from rosacea usually have enzymes in their skin which can lead to production of abnormal antimicrobial peptides and vitamin D can help with the condition.

So, whether you want to fix your skin, hair or health problems, vitamin D has certain benefits to offer. Including it in your diet or taking it in any other form is always helpful and you should definitely go for it.


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