Tips for Cleaning Laundry with Vinegar

Tips for Cleaning Laundry with Vinegar

I’ve used it with fish and chips, I’ve cleaned out my tea kettle with it, and I’ve discovered that vinegar is the most versatile cleaning agent around. And when it comes to adding vinegar to my laundry routines, there are a seemingly unlimited number of ways it’s used to boost the effectiveness of cleaning and washing!

Why use Vinegar with laundry?

It is a known fact that we all are aware of a few tips and tricks that can help you do the job in an easy way. Most people prefer using expensive and powerful detergents that can help in removing stains without hassles. There are plenty of best washing machine brands that are known to offer detergents with a variety of combinations. The combinations help people to remove stains without causing any damage to clothes. Some of the best front-loading washing machines are designed to remove stains better compared to any of the top-loading washing machines. Therefore, the cost of the machine is high.

Vinegar and Your Washing Machine

All detergents can be assisted and possibly improved with the cleaning potential of white distilled vinegar. We’re not talking balsamic here, or even red wine vinegar. The type you want to always use as a household cleaner is white distilled vinegar. But why would you want to use it?

For starters, a 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar in the wash cycle helps prevent lint from clinging to clothes. You will also reduce and possibly eliminate the chemicals that most new clothes have (as a result of the manufacturing process) with a 1/2 cup added to the wash cycle.

Your rinse cycle can benefit from vinegar inclusion as well. By adding a 1/2 cup of it to the rinse water. You’ll remove soap residue that makes darker clothes appear dull. This is an especially useful tip if you use chemical-free detergents because the whites can dull over time.

Wool or acrylic sweaters (hand or machine-washed) will lose their soapy smell. When you use a 1/2 cup of vinegar in the last rinse cycle.

And as a general rule, just 1/4 cup of vinegar in the final rinse will ensure cleaner laundry.

What It Contains?

Vinegar contains acid that is mild enough to not harm your clothing material. But strong enough to dissolve the alkalies found in soap and detergent, preventing yellowing, and acting as a fabric softener and static cling reducer. It also cuts mold and mildew.

And it’s not all about your clothes; you can clean your washing machine and its hoses by periodically running a cycle with just a cup of vinegar and nothing else in the wash to get rid of soap scum quickly.

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When you leave wet laundry in the machine, as most of us probably have done, you might notice a moldy smell as an unfortunate reminder. Pour a few cups of vinegar into the machine and wash the clothes with hot water. Run a normal cycle with detergent after that.


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