The Lost Year: What Comes Next?

Travelling in 2021

When you look back at 2020, have you deliberated what do you think you’ll remember most about it?

For me, it will be the lost momentum. Isn’t it?

Life was falling into place.

Then, COVID brush off through the planet and destroyed everything on its way.

covid 19

Now, as 2020 takes its final lap, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that those plans from the start of the year won’t be realized. The pandemic still rages in America. Many businesses remain shuttered. Firms – particularly within the travel area — are closing permanently for the better. There’s huge redundancy. Most of the world’s borders that are square measure are sealed (particularly to Americans). Plus, you furthermore might have wildfires, racial differences, a looming Supreme Court battle, and an associate in determination. It’s a mess! This year’s been a shit show.

Unlike other countries that had full lockdowns and strong institutions to control their outbreaks, we had mixed messages from the beginning only (we got fifty states and fifty totally different policies.) and couldn’t even keep it within long enough to squash the curve. Masks became a political lightning rod that folks are combating and killing over (And example three and four of many).

And I heard “COVID is a hoax” enough on my road trip to make me realize too many this problem is here to stay. (And that was the entire earlier than Trump got COVID!)

But that doesn’t make my personal struggles any less important to me. They don’t cause the American state less anxiety after I see my savings depleted, business not improving and rising, and my social and geological dating life ground to a halt.

I mean what happens once the money is gone? What happens if TravelCon can’t come about in April?

The anxiety keeps me up at night.

When such a lot of others refuse to try and do the proper factor, it all appears thus futile. Society only works when we work together. And it just feels like this country is coming apart and that all the sacrifices we made were for naught.

Everything feels hopeless right now. I’m just so mentally exhausted.

So, I’ve decided to take action.

travel mexico winter season

Next month, I am going to move to Mexico for the winter season. Some of my friends have already captive there and I have determined to affix them when the elections are done.

I know it’s weird to want to move during a pandemic – and Mexico has their individual problems – but, in many ways, it’s better than Texas. One in step with my friends, citizens wear masks a lot of and also the virus is taken a lot of seriously.

And, whereas I still do not commit to frequent gigantic gatherings or something, if I am getting to be confined somewhere, I had well be confined in an exceedingly a lot of tropical setting, nearer to the beach and therefore the water.

As I said, I do know others have it a lot worse than mine. I count my blessings, however as I watch such a lot of what I have engineered – professionally and in person – crumble (and as somebody already at risk of anxiety that after caused panic attacks), I would like a mental break.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay there. Heck, by the time, I had planned to drive to the world might have changed once more. If 2020 has strengthened something, it’s that a great deal will happen in a very day.

But I have a chance to end the year on a high note.

And I’m going to take it.


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