Macys Promo Code and Other Saving Hacks

Macys Promo Code and Other Saving Hacks

Macy lovers must have heard about the Macys promo code and other coupons. The truth is Macys promo codes are a fine way for some wonderful discounts and the store helps you save as much as 70% with these vouchers. Yes, you heard it right, 70% or even more in some cases.

Though the Macys coupons aren’t always giving you the same amount of high discounts but they are a good deal if you haven’t been able to find any sales or special offers lately.

Though couponing itself is a great way for some easy and lasting discounts it isn’t the only way buyers should save their hard earned money. There are sure some other saving hacks when it comes to Macys or any other big store.

From locating their annual to semi-annual sales, finding the best price match policies, identifying the loopholes in their pricing (Sherlock vibes), locating the clearance section, there are many Macys shopping hacks which you should never miss.

Thanks to our keen eye and an approach to give you the best here are some of the genius savings hacks at Macys that will keep your pocket happy and your carts fuller.

Price Match

This had to be on our list since price match and Macys go hand in hand. Without having the price match policy at Macys we don’t think there will be that much crowd heading to the store. Okay we were kidding! Anyhow it is a great deal. If you discover a lower price on, show it to your cashier, and they’ll match it at any register. If you’re price matching a virtual cart of products for which you’ve used a discount code, simply show the cashier your whole cart or tell them the name of the coupon code, and they’ll honor it in store. Competitor coupons are not accepted at Macy’s.

Best Days for Coupons

Sure, you might have heard the coupons released are random and part of it is true but the Macys coupons are released better on some days than others. A Macy’s coupon is constantly available, but they’re usually only good for one category. On the weekend, the Macy’s app, Macy’, or the Sunday newspaper are more likely to include a storewide/site wide coupon.

Don’t Have the Coupon?

You searched your soul off to find a single discount pass for Macys but weren’t able to locate any? Macy’s coupons end as soon as they come up and that is because you aren’t the only one who has become a smart buyer now. If you have still went to Macy’s and don’t have a coupon a great idea is to ask the cashier for a Macy’s coupon. If they have any lying on the back they will redeem it on your order and even if you went empty handed guess who is coming back with dollars of savings?

Exclusion list

Not a genius shopping hack for Macy’s but something you must know.  There are so many coupons! There are so few things to do with them! The exclusion list at Macy’s is one of the worst in the industry. Deals of the day, Door busters, Everyday Values, Last Act, Macy’s Backstage, specials, Super Buys, and major brands like Apple, Coach, Dyson, Fitbit, KitchenAid Pro Line, The North Face, and many more are common exclusions. Macy’s coupons may be used to buy anything at Macy’s merchandise.

Macy’s App

25% off seems like a big deal and it is a big deal. For a customer who is using the wonderful Macy’s app for the first time don’t forget to enjoy the perk of 25% off on your first order. This deal is wonderful and a flat discount of 25% on your entire order, well that is a pretty great deal. All you need is to download the app and trust us there are many benefits other than the just the first time 25% off.

Different Tagged Items

Have you ever wondered why a single store has different color price tags? The reason behind the different price tags is very amusing.

  • Final markdowns are indicate by yellow price tags with a “6” at the end. That implies the price won’t go much lower, so if you like it, you may as well purchase it!
  • Second-to-last markdowns are blue tags that conclude in “3.” They generally take place just before yellow tag markdowns and are in the mid-70 percent off level.
  • White tags in the Last Act clearance area are actually less expensive than marked items since they haven’t been on the shelf long enough to receive a discount.

This simply implies you can’t trust the price displayed to be the best deal. That’s why, as a pro tip, always obtain a price check on white-tagged Last Act products to find out the true cost.

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Last Act Clearance Section

On the Last Act sale racks strewn around the store, you’ll find very deep discounts. There is a department for women’s clothing, an area for men’s clothing, a section for shoes, a section for children’s clothing, and so on.

One of the favorite sites for many people to shop for Macy’s gowns is here! Last Act clearance is mark down once a month on average, however the timing varies depending on inventory. Make sure don’t miss out the last act clearance day. A great way is to subscribe to their email or text message updates to get ping notifications about the approaching day of magic.

Competitor’s Price Match

Macy’s price-matching policy isn’t well-known, but it’s very easy. Within 10 days, Macy’s will price match an identical item from an approved store’s website. Belk, Bloomingdale’s, Bon Ton, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sears are among the stores that have been approved for price matching. Amazon, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, and eBay do not match Macy’s prices. Simply show your Macy’s cashier the shop ad, online, or other evidence of price to obtain a price match.

Be Wise When Not To Use The Coupons

Knowing when to stop is another great way to shop. On Last Act goods, Macy’s used to enable coupon stacking, however they stopped doing so in early 2016. “There was a lot of math previously [with coupon stacking], but now it’s simpler,” a Macy’s representative stated. The logic appears to be flimsy. However, it isn’t all awful. is still active and offers a variety of discounts and there is no way you should cry over not being able to use the coupons on this one.


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