Looking for Some Kid Friendly Series on Netflix?


In this day and age, it has become quite hard to find series and animated shows that are actually kid-friendly and enjoyable for you as well. If you’re looking for animated shows that you can watch with kids or baby siblings, here is a list of all the shows that you definitely need to check out on Netflix!

  1. Johnny Test Reboot (2021-)

Originally aired in 2008 by Cartoon Network, Johnny Test Reboot is the nostalgic retelling of a young and brave boy named Johnny that is not less than a guinea pig to his two intelligent sisters who conduct various experiments on him! A comedic and kid-friendly series that will make you remember those good old times of the early 2000’s and will give you the comfort of a good laugh and familiarity! Johnny Test Reboot is something that you will never get bored of, and can enjoy with people of any age. It is a fun, interesting light comedy that will capture your heart and imagination! As per The Next Hint’s report, season 7 of Johnny Test Robot is expected to roll out on Netflix in 2021 itself.

  1. She-Ra And The Princess Of Power (2018-2020)

Do you love powerful women and deep, positive representation of justice,  bravery and friendships? Well then you will certainly love watching She-Ra And The Princess Of Power. Set in a dystopian time where a rebellion of magical princesses unites against evil, this story tells the tale of the righteous and strong Princess She-Ra who will bring peace and harmony to the planet of Etheria. This adventurous and extremely interesting retelling of She-Ra’s journey from being an orphan to a saviour is something that will captivate anyone. She-ra has become one of the most talked about animated series and is loved by millions of people of many different age groups as well!

  1. Steven Universe (2013-2019)

Steven Universe is an amazing animated series about a boy named Steven, who is the first Crystal gem to have human genes, Steven inherits a gem from his mother, Rose Quartz, and dedicates his life fighting for the same ideals as her. He is a kind and helpful person, and the series talks about his quest of protecting all of humanity from evil and to help everyone and anyone in need. Steven Universe has been hailed for its inclusive cast and extremely thoughtful storyline. It will definitely make you fall in love with its wholesome, hilarious and thought-provoking story. Steven Universe is a must watch series for anyone who loves kind and strong leads fighting evil in the world!

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)

Avatar: The Last Airbender is probably one of the most popular animated shows of all time. Aired on Nickelodeon in 2005, this cartoon was based on the comics created by Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko published in Nickelodeon magazine. The story talks about a world divided on the basis of the four elements – fire, earth, water, and air that has fallen into chaos and only The Avatar (Aang) can save the world. It’s an extremely hilarious, thought-provoking and interesting series that people of any age can enjoy!

  1. Haikyuu! (2014-)

Based on the manga of the same name made by Haruichi Furudate, this Japanese slice of life sports anime is one of the most loved anime of all time. This anime tells a story about an underdog volleyball team, Karasuno, that finds itself in a new league when a batch of talented and driven first-years join their volleyball team. The perfect combination of wholesome, interesting, hilarious and emotional, Haikyuu will make you feel like you’re a part of the Karasuno Team! If you’re looking for a comfort show that has many life lessons and is so beautifully hilarious and intriguing, Haikyuu is something you should definitely watch!

  1. The Legend Of Korra (2012-2014)

The Legend of Korra is the continuation of the 2005 animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra talks about the world after Avatar Aang, and how his successor Avatar Korra navigates through her way to bring balance to all the worlds. It is an extremely interesting series with many feminist undertones. If you want your kids to have amazing strong female leads to look up to, Avatar Korra and her band of brave women are here to help you out!

It is a must-watch for anyone who has enjoyed the Avatar series and needs a light comedy anthropological series to watch!Shows that are meant for kids need to have depth and moral strength. What your kids consume definitely impacts their thought process, and to help your kids find ideal cartoon characters to look upto, we have curated this list to help you out! We hope you and your kids or baby siblings love and enjoy these kid-friendly shows on Netflix as much as many other people across the world did!


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