Keep Your Heating Bills Low With Energy Efficient Design


Insulation is one of the most important components in creating a warm and comfortable home. With a cold house, your energy bills will skyrocket! A properly insulated home will also save you money by reducing your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Insulation is often one of the easiest projects to tackle when remodeling your home, but with the right materials and a little preparation, the job can be completed quickly and easily.

In this article, we will look at how to improve the performance of your insulation by doing a quick and easy installation on an old flat roof. But before we begin, let us look at some of the tools that you may need to insulate an old building – Ravatherm XPS, Tenmat FF102 50, and Tenmat Fire Barrier.

Install Vents

The first thing that you need to do is install some kind of venting for the attic. This is actually quite simple, although many people skip this step and assume that the “venting” must be done on the ridge. However, there are many different kinds of attic vents, and they don’t all need to be vents – some can be open or closed. Choosing which type is easiest will depend on the existing conditions of your attic. You can purchase a variety of different types of attic vents at any hardware store.

Install Time-Saving Insulators

After you have installed the attic ventilation, you will need to install time-saving insulation on the flat roof.  Now, what you must be wondering is what is time-consuming insulation. Well, it is a type of insulator that is easy to use and quick to operate. An example of a time-saving insulator is foam insulation. A few rolls of this type of insulation should be plenty for your needs.

Another very popular type of attic ceiling insulation is sheet metal, also known as fiberglass. The nice thing about fiberglass is that it is extremely high-quality insulation that is also quite affordable. Fiberglass will keep the cold out, while also helping to insulate the interior of the home. This is an excellent choice for those who have a “high ceiling” in their attic. They are often offered in several different colors to match any color scheme.

Installing attic floor insulation is a simple DIY project that homeowners should be able to handle without any prior experience. Nevertheless, hiring a professional company could save time, energy, and money in insulating the entire home.

Why Insulate a Building?

Insulation is not just for saving bills on electricity, it is also vital for comfortable living. People living in a geographic location where the temperature dips below freezing for extended periods of time may find insulation helpful in keeping the house warm.

Similarly, condensation is another issue that affects areas that experience higher temperatures. If your deck or patio becomes wet from rain or pool water, this can build up and eventually lead to mold and mildew damage. If you choose a fiberglass or acrylic solution for insulation on your deck or patio, you will be able to reduce the amount of condensation that develops. Some other types of insulation that you may consider are roof tar paper and asphalt shingles. These two options are generally quite cheap but can provide additional protection from the elements as well as reduce condensation.

Radiant barriers are becoming quite popular for homes in high end climates as well. These reflective barriers will help to effectively reflect heat and prevent it from escaping from your home or business. These reflective barriers are available in a variety of different styles including cellular and roll-up styles. You can easily install radiant barriers on your roof or side of your building depending on the type of insulation that you decide to use.


To sum up all, insulation helps keep the house or building warm from inside in the winter season, comfortably cold in the summer season, protected from harsh weather outside and keeps away rodents, and mold. It is vital to consider the insulation of the home to ensure you don’t end up spending a lot of money on electricity bills. Families with kids and the elderly should always have the house comfortable in winter as well as summer. A well-insulated home lets the family enjoy a relaxing moment while the weather might be terrible outside. Galaxy insulation can help keep the home temperature perfectly comfortable.


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