How To Feel More Energetic: 10 Ways You Must Know!

How To Feel More Energetic: 10 Ways You Must Know!

What comes to mind when I say the term “more energetic”? To feel more energetic you’ll go to a nearby store and find energy boosters. These energy boosters can be herbs, a multitude of vitamins, or other supplements. You might find some in food and beverages too. Hence, there is no scientific attestation concerning energy boosters toil.

Is there any way to feel more energetic? And does being energetic benefit us? Getting up early in the morning and struggling in performing activities. We all have discerned that in some instances. Also, sometimes we discern that our head is getting heavy and our eyes may snap at any moment. Such uncertainties may affect your work. Thus, to feel more energetic means to be active throughout the day before we get to rest. This will benefit you in performing more tasks and enhancing workability and manpower.

Heading ahead, let’s discover 10 ways to keep you energetic:

1. Eating Breakfast. “A great morning begins with a great breakfast”. According to a study, one who takes heavy breakfast experiences more energy than the one who skips it. Therefore, to feel more energetic, having a heavy breakfast is a must. But, ensure that your breakfast contains food rich in protein, low glycemic index, and accurate carbohydrate. As this is going to keep your energy up for longer. Also, consuming breakfast rich in fiber stays longer, assisting in preventing hunger during the day.

2. Yoga & Exercise. Using deep breathing and various postures of yoga in meditation and exercise results in less fatigue. Furthermore, exercising provides cells more energy and helps in circulating oxygen. Yoga and exercise raise brain dopamine levels. As an outcome elevation in mood is noticed. Ensure you exercise in the fresh air and under sunshine, it lifts the metabolism, immune system, and endorphins.

3. Music. As said, “Your favorite music can swing your mood anytime”. Activities like singing and dancing can easily take down stress levels. All you need to do is put on your favorite list on the play and start singing and dancing. Many don’t like it if someone stares at them while dancing and singing. Thus, the best way is to be alone in your room and enjoy the music.

4. Drinking Water. One of the major causes of fatigue is dehydration. Doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day. But it is “Okay” if you don’t do so. The only point is to stay hydrated, hence consume enough water. Instead, try to keep a water bottle handy. You can also try having a big glass of water half an hour earlier starting each meal. In this way, you stay hydrated for longer.

5. Go Nuts. One of the best consumables to fight against fatigue is nuts and seeds. Having a variety of nuts in your meal will provide you healthy nutrients and make you feel more energetic. Peanuts and almonds are rich in magnesium and folate. Therefore, whenever your body starts lacking nutrients, you feel weary. But these nuts accomplish the necessities and fill up your body with energy.

6. Grab a cinnamon stick. Many believe that a scented spice like cinnamon assists in controlling fatigue by making you alert. Maybe you don’t have cinnamon in your bucket, then consuming mint will do or any other alternative with a scented spice. The list keeps going on and so does research. Stay connected with us!

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7. Limit caffeine. Caffeine brings a jolt of energy then why should we limit it? Well, there’s a simple logic behind this. One may feel more energetic after consuming a cup of coffee or other caffeinated drinks. But what after it wears off? Most probably, your head gets heavy and you start feeling weary. Moreover, stress levels tend to increase, contribute to high blood pressure, feel jittery, and difficulty in relaxing and falling asleep. Limiting caffeine maintains the body’s health and assists you in gaining more energy with no other effects.

8. Avoid smoking & limit alcohol. Smoking introduces your body to nicotine which is much similar to caffeine. Even though it is bad for your health, smoking makes you feel tired during the day. The consumption of nicotine leads to high heart rate, high blood pressure, and even insomnia. While we all know about the outcomes of drinking alcohol. It makes an individual sleepy. Avoid drinking alcohol especially at lunch. As the sedative effect produced by the consumption of alcohol is strong at midday/afternoon. Better drink some at night when not feeling sleepy.

9. Let in the sunlight. One of the strongest factors to fight fatigue is natural light. Prefer opening blinds in front of the sunshine, doing so controls our circadian rhythms. Else going out for a morning walk would work. Although, starting a day with a morning walk is like a pleasure for many reasons. Being in touch with direct sunlight releases melatonin – a hormone that induces sleep. Ultimately, you feel more energetic from the starting of the day and throughout.

10. Sleep. Improper or less sleep also leads to fatigue. Acquiring enough rest is a vital requirement by the body to keep functioning in a well-manner. Proper sleep prepares your body to deal with more work throughout the day. Find a perfect mattress for your perfect sleep. Read these purple mattress reviews. Many may complain regarding sufficient sleep. If it feels difficult for you to fall asleep then try these tricks and tips out:

  • Avoid napping (especially in the noon)
  • Go to bed later than normal days also try to sleep for few hours, this might sound kidding but may be effective for you
  • If you feel a few hours of sleep matches your requirements i.e. making you feel more energetic try adding some couple of minutes
  • Slowly and gradually keep adding sleep in the successive nights, at the point, you feel it’s making you sleepier or exceeding the limit. Stop!

Now there you build a perfect rest cycle and follow it regularly for better outcomes. Follow these ways and note down whether they were fruitful for you or not! And do let us know in the comments.


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