How drug addictions affect your social life?


Different type of drug comes in market and effect people body in different ways. Drugs effects can vary from person to person with several other factors. How drugs affect any individual body fully depends upon the body size of the person, his general health, amount and strength of the drug. Some drug includes health consequence that is long-lasting and permanent. There are many ways to consume drugs through injection, inhalation and ingestion. The drug cans affects your body in different ways depending upon how the drugs are delivered. If someone take drug through injection the drugs directly go into the bloodstream has an immediate impact on the body, while ingestion has a delayed effect. Remember over the use of drugs can affect your brain functioning. If you are a drug addict and want to overcome this addiction then you can use the services of Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

When someone takes a drug it increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate our emotions, and feelings of pleasure at high. Drugs can change the working of the brain and interfere with a person’s ability to make choices, leading to uncontrolled cravings and compulsive drug use. Over time, this behaviour can turn into drug a drug addiction.

More than 7 million people suffer from drug disorders, and result one in four deaths result from drugs. People who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction have high chances of domestic violence.

Effect of drug abuse on health:

  • It weak your immune system and increase the risk of illness and infection in the human body.
  • Hearth conditions increase at abnormal heart rates, with this chance of heart attack and blood vessel infection is also increase.
  • Affects your appetite, resulting weight loss.
  • Increase strain to your liver, which leads to liver failure.
  •  Effect the memory, attention and decision-making, and make daily living more difficult.
  • Some other effects such as gynecomastia in men, increase in temperature in the body which will lead to other health issues.

Additional effect of drug abuse on social life:

  1. Mental health:  Study shows drug use increases the level of depression, anxiety and psychosis. You see many drugs consume people are mental health patients and have no discipline and self-esteem.
  2. Financial issues: Some drug is very expensive – the price of drug fully depends on the availability and demand. If you are going to become dependent on the drug then you are giving a feast to troubles.
  3. Relationships: Drugs change the behaviour of people because they affect the functioning of your brain. They can affect your relationship with your colleague and family. And increase the risk of injury and assault to both yourself and other peoples.
  4. Legal issues: Some drug use is illegal and you can be fined if you catch with illegal drug and can be sent to prison. If you find guilty in a drug case then your life will spoil with it can make it harder to get a job, apply for a loan or travel overseas.
  5. Drug in sport: Professional athletes who consume illegal substances like drugs have a risk of damaging not only our health, Also their reputation and sportsmanship.

If someone nearby you is a drug addict if he wants to leave drug addiction then you can help him through DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai.


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