Fixes for the ‘Epson printer not printing’ problem

    Fixes for the ‘Epson printer not printing' problem

    Epson printer is recommended worldwide by experts to print high-quality prints and are also very well known for their deadliest and attractive features which allow the users to experience a fully satisfying process of printing.

    Despite all the high qualifications and features, a product, especially related to the technology sector, bears some sort of technical issue at least once in its lifetime. Similarly, printers in high demand like one from Epson generally develop issues like ‘Epson printer not printing’ or the ‘Epson printer won’t print’ issue. However, this can be easily resolve with a few clicks, instead of spending loads of money barely because of the misguidance of a repair shop.

    Thus, in this article, we bring to you a few easy ways in which you can solve the ‘Epson printer won’t print’ issue that you might have been facing. However, it is important to know the reason that might have caused the ‘Epson printer not printing’ issue, or else there is a great chance of you ending up trying a wrong solution and expanding the problem, which will surely cost you much more time and money.

    Moving forward let us now look at the solutions to the ‘Epson printer won’t print’ issue, after discussing the reasons which might have caused the same.

    Possible causes of the ‘Epson printer not printing’ issue

    We cannot be sure of the exact reason of what might have caused your printer to display the ‘canon printer won’t print issue, but there are a few common reasons which are likely to be amongst the one that you are facing. A few of such reasons and causes are list below:

    • The Epson printer that you are using may not be settle as the default printer on your device.
    • There might be a fault or break in between the connections.
    • The connection might not be firm and strong.
    • The bandwidth of the network might not be sufficient.
    • The printer driver might not be suitable for the Epson printer.
    • The driver might not be the latest or updated.
    • The device might be affect by some kind of virus.

    Resolving the ‘Epson printer not printing’ problem

    Method 1: Well established connections

    There are two ways in which the connection may have been establish, it is either wireless or wired.

    In case the connection is wireless, make sure that the device and the printer have a good connection, and are also connected to the same network. If the connection is made with the use of a wire, check for any break in between and rectify it there and then.

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    Method 2: Make sure that your Epson printer is set to default

    1. Search for the ‘control panel’ on the search bar on your window screen.
    2. Click on the ‘devices and printers’ option.
    3. Right-click on the Epson printer from the list on the screen, and click on ‘set as default’.
    4. Now your Epson printer is settle to default. Make sure that none other is settle to default other than the printer that you are using.

    Method 3: Sufficient ink levels and cartridges

    Check your printer and make sure that the ink levels are sufficient to deliver the print commands. Also, be certain that the ink is not dried or the cartridges are original so that they do not hamper or interfere with the working of the printer or the device.

    Method 4: Cancel all the previous print commands

    There might be interference due to inappropriate or unfulfilled print commands given earlier. Thus, try and clear all the previous print commands. To cancel all the print commands, follow the below steps:

    1. Open the control panel in your computer and select ‘devices and printers.
    2. The list of all the connected devices and printers appears on the screen. Now select the Epson printer and right-click on it. Then, click on ‘See what’s printing’ option available.
    3. The list of all the previous commands appears on the screen. Now, select all of them and cancel them.

    Now, check if your printer has started working normally by giving a new print command and printing a test paper.

    Method 5: Reinstall and update the existing the printer drivers

    There might be a possibility that your printer drivers are outdate and expire. To overcome this, download and install the latest and updated versions of software and drivers. For this, go on the Epson official website and enter the model number of your Epson printer in the blank provided. Now download and install the latest and updated version of the printer driver available. Hopefully, the ‘Epson printer won’t print’ issue that you were facing is now solve. And the printer has started working normally again. If the problem still exists, contact the Epson experts through the official Epson site.


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