Explore Mumbai with your all-in-one tour guide

Explore Mumbai with your all-in-one tour guide

Mumbai is a city of contrasts that has pleasantly surprised people in a variety of ways. For one thing, Mumbai is India’s wealthiest city, despite the fact that 50 % of the population lives in slums. In reality, a 15-minute train journey will transport you from one of the world’s largest and densely inhabited slums to the finest luxury home, a 27-story monstrosity valued at more than USD 1 billion. For New York residents, this is a great opportunity as they can get cheap and economical New York to Mumbai flights currently. Many visitors stay in South Mumbai, which has some of the nation’s most stunning colonial-era buildings as well as an incredibly amazing Art Deco heritage. Mumbai, after Miami, has the second largest set of Art Deco houses, which will surprise you.

How to get an e-visa to India?

It is very simple and fast to apply for an e-visa to India. Everything is done online, and you will receive the e-visa in just over a day after submitting the application and paying the fee. Do not miss this opportunity to get affordable NYC to Mumbai flights.

A Rundown of Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is the maritime capital of Maharashtra, which is located in peninsular India. It is the economic and monetary capital of the world, as well as its main port on the Arabian Sea. It is India’s most populated city, with a census of over 12 million people and some of the country’s wealthiest communities as well as the country’s largest slums. It is not only India’s economic centre, but also its entertainment city. It is the birthplace of Bollywood, the world’s most successful film industry. Every year, Bollywood is said to create well over a hundred blockbuster movies, more than twice as many as Hollywood. In order to travel and visit this film-city, book your New York to Mumbai flights right now and have an amazing time here.

When is the best time to visit?

The weather in Mumbai is very dramatic. The weather doesn’t vary much during the year, but it does have dry spells followed by months of extremely intense rainfall, which is much more than we’re used to in a similarly monsoon-prone nation like the Philippines. As a result, the best time to visit Mumbai is from mid-October to February, when the climate is mild.

OCT-FEB: This is the season to visit Mumbai in terms of weather. Rainfall is poor and conditions are at their lowest. If you enjoy the arts, February is an excellent time to visit, as the famed Kala Ghoda Arts Festival takes place in the first part of the month.

MAR-MAY: Summer has arrived in Mumbai. While it is still the growing season, levels increase during these periods and peak is reached in May, which is typically the warmest in the region.

JUNE-SEPTEMBER: Mumbai is in the midst of monsoon season. This stretch is characterised by non stop rain, so it’s probably not a great idea to visit, particularly from June to August.

The best places to stay in Mumbai

Mumbai is a large city with many fascinating neighbourhoods. South Mumbai appears to be the best place for first-time tourists to stay. It’s a comfortable place in the traditional part of the city, covered by ocean, and habitat to major landmarks such as the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), and the Bombay High Court. South Mumbai stretches all the way to Mahim and Sion in the northwest, but we’ll concentrate on the southernmost areas of Colaba, Fort, and Marine Drive for the purposes of this guide.

How to travel in Mumbai?

Mumbai’s easy and reliable railway system is one of the reasons it is everyone’s favourite city in India. It’s inexpensive (approximately INR 10-40 per single journey) and can lead you pretty much everywhere in the city. Don’t be alarmed by videos that have gone viral on social media showing crowds of people fighting to board trains. They are real, but they mostly occur at the busiest stations during busy times of the day, such as rush hour. In Mumbai, you really don’t need any other mode of transportation, but if you do, try commuter apps like Uber or local counterpart Ola first. People claim they’re trustworthy, but most people had trouble booking rides. Drivers will take an eternity to arrive, so it is better to use the railway system.


While Mumbai is more costly than other States of India, India as a whole is inexpensive. If you plan on staying in Mumbai for two full days and sharing low-cost lodging with one other person, a regular budget of INR 2,000-2,500 per individual should suffice. This includes your lodging, transportation, attraction fees, dinners, drinks, and an evening dinner. Thus, it is recommended for you to reserve your NYC to Mumbai flights as soon as possible and visit this place for a great vacation.

  • Accomodation

This can be a personal choice. A fast search reveals a plethora of options for about USD 30-40 per night in the Fort / Colaba areas. If you stay in a guesthouse dorm room, you can expect to pay even less than USD 5 per night.

  • Commuting

As previously said, Mumbai’s railway system is inexpensive. You’ll be investing not more than INR 40 per single trip so a commuting budget of about INR 50-80 each day should be enough.

  • Food is cheap in India.

Many people would be bursting at the seams if they spend about INR 400-500 per day on nearby eateries and food stalls. Thus, spending money on food and meals in India is no big issue as the restaurants and lounges aren’t pricey and expensive.

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