Best Stretch Jeans for Women: Everything To Know!

Best Stretch Jeans for Women

When it comes to fashion trends that are unbeatable, Denim is the ultimate go-to solution. Be it high rise, low rise, skinny, flare, bootcut, or handy-dandy Mom Jeans! You can never go wrong with a great pair of denim. Pair it up with that perfect crop top for a fun night out or that formal shirt for an interview. Wear your slim, sleek heels or your go-to sneakers. It has you covered for all occasions.

How can we forget that adorable, flowy top with the stretchy, skinny jeans for that picture-perfect date night that ends in a hopeless romantic getaway! Having gushed about jeans so much, allow me to let you in on secret-the stretchy bootcut jeans are all the rage these days! I know right! Who would’ve ever thought they would make a comeback so strong. 

No matter which jeans you choose for yourself, it is most important that you feel confident about yourself to look good in them. Having said that, I know just the place for you to get your hands on those perfect jeans that you have in mind using the best deals that help you save and splurge at the same time. Find your favorite outfit looks at DealMeCoupon, and thank me later.

Stretch jeans are most definitely the most popular look right now. But do you know enough about them or how they came to be?

What are Stretch Jeans?

The denim itself is elastic. Blend denim with elastane-which is a stretchy, synthetic fiber- and voila!

The result is pure blissful stretch jeans- an answer to all your uncomfortable outfit problems. They are the next best thing to sweatpants.

You can feel as dressed up or dressed down as you want with these body-hugging, super soft, and stretchy jeans that take a minimum effort in styling. They make you feel like you’re wearing leggings and yet not make you feel body conscious or awkward in public.

Can I Wear Stretch Jeans?

Yes, you most certainly can. Since it’s a personal choice, there are no hard and fast rules as to who can wear them.

You can easily find one that matches your personal preference and style. While shopping for stretch jeans, keep in mind that they will stretch out over time, so try getting it in a size that’s not too loose on you. The whole point of stretch jeans is that they provide you a snug fit.

Depending on the level of elasticity that you’re looking for, you can decide from 1% to 4% stretch denim jeans in the market.

  • 1% stretch is just stretchy enough to allow some flexibility and movement without giving you a snug fit.
  • 2% stretch provides some contouring to smooth your curves and allow actions such as sitting and standing with a more comfortable stretch.
  • 3%-4% stretch provides a body-hugging fit with a defined form while being super stretchy and comfortable.

Are Stretch Jeans and Jeggings the same?

They are most absolutely not the same.

Jeggings are meant to imitate the style of tight jeans while being soft, stretchy leggings. They may or may not be made from denim fabric and usually have printed pockets and seams rather than actual ones.

Stretch Jeans, on the other hand, are made from denim fabric with small amounts of elastane. These come in various styles of classic jeans like skinny, bootcut, etc.

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Laundry Directions for Stretch Jeans

Most brands have labels that specify laundry directions. If not, you may wash them like regular jeans unless they are ripped or embellished, in which case hand wash is advisable.

At the end of the day, dressing up is not about showing off your body or figure-hugging clothes-feeling comfortable in your clothes and yourself is far more important. The more confident you feel inside, the more attractive you will look on the outside.

Stay attuned to your style and be comfortable in throwing on a mix of what appeals to you on a particular day rather than what appeared on a fashion magazine cover.


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