8 Best Escape Rooms in the World

    8 Best Escape Rooms in the World

    There are thousands of escape rooms around the globe at present. The concept of escape rooms is growing as people hugely accept it. But also, there are many escape rooms that lack the sparking factor and for this reason, those escape rooms remain unsuccessful. Thus, most of the time it happens due to the lack of originality and excitement. Modern technology growth has also shown us the way of virtual escape room games. 

    So here are World’s top 8 escape rooms, which will keep your adrenaline rush at a peak and will give you a thirst for more… 

    1.   The Laboratory in Bunschoten, the Netherlands 

    This little-known escape room has ranked at No.1, to be exact, in the Netherlands. The Laboratory is dark and bright, clean and dirty, polished and ragged. It doesn’t follow the horror factor but keeps you on edge. The design of Set, lighting, and sound are brilliant. 

    According to the players, it is the most intense lab scenario they have encountered to date.  Most of the puzzles are tech-driven, keeping the balance in focus both high-tech and low-tech gadgets are used for an enhanced experience. Consequently, players also said that the props didn’t necessarily open in the manner one would expect, and this creates uniqueness.  

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    2.    Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore in Athens, Greece 

    It is three hours and twenty minutes long epic adventure, where entering a normal-looking bookstore leads you to discover the past and secrets of the protagonist. Additionally, the things that make this escape room a standout from the crowd are its marvelous narrative, inventing space, and challenging puzzles. 

    The Goal here is no escaping! By deploying logic, awareness, your senses, and each team’s member skills, and showcasing clear mind, composure, and teamwork. Moreover, you are asked to solve the mystery & decide the outcome. 

    3.    The Man From Beyond in Houston, USA 

    It is a magical, thrilling, and captivating human experience. The set design has been made with historically research details, which gives it an enhance experience. What is real? What is magic? Are those two mutually exclusive? All questions you will capture at this escape room. The experience is one of the key factors for a fantastic escape room, and this one will give you those experiences with chills and thrills. 

    4.    The Basement in Los Angeles, USA 

    The Basement evaluate as the best escape room in the United States and a favorite among the people. Its theme suggests it is not for children or nervous adults. Nonetheless, the concept is that you are lock in the basement of Edward R. Tandy, a very twisted, 

    traumatized, and cannibalistic killer, and the players get 45 minutes to escape their way out. 

    The concept follows the plot structure of the movie “Saw,” which focuses on the game within a game method. The participants will have to piece together clues to coordinate their escape. 

    5.    The Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai, China 

    To be precise, this is not an escape room but an escape room. This escape room deserves a spot of its own. There are five rooms to choose from at Mr. X’s. Though, the mystery house is fun, scary, challenging, and mysterious all together. 

    You will jiggle through crawl spaces, climb ladders, make your way through lasers, decode mysteries, and put together physical puzzles. Also, it is full of fun and amusement for both your mind and body. 

    6.    The Escape Room in Indianapolis, USA 

    The escape room in Indianapolis gives a variety of options to the customers. Their jailbreak and heist-themed escape rooms are the best to experience in Indianapolis city. Both of the games give unique concepts. Although, the jailbreak concept follows the story of a land farmer who wants to sell his land to the players while the farmer’s son wants to sell it to a real estate developer. Further, A hitman has been hired, and the farmer is shot dead, and you’re framed for the murder. 

    In addition, the bank heist concept follows a chase to rob a shipment of gold which a bank chain has rumor to be receive by them. 

    7.    KGB Interrogation in Columbus, USA 

    The KGB Interrogation is known as one of the most difficult escape rooms in the USA. 

    This room has a victory rate of less than 5%. The story develops during the Cold War in 1964 and follows you, an American spy who has been undercover searching for a mind-altering drug. Moreover, you have been discovered, capture, and book to Moscow for interrogation. To know the answers, you have to get into this escape room for 60 minutes. 

    8.    Roosevelt Escape Room at Palace Games in San Francisco, USA 

    As a sequel to the Houdini escape room at Palace Games, the Roosevelt experience deals with concept originality, making it unique. 

    Palace Games are one of the unique escape room genres out there. The experience which this kind of escape room gives is totally different from others. In addition, escape rooms themed like this tell a more engaging story, which makes the players blend into the scenario. Hence, It is rumored that Harry Houdini, the World’s greatest escape artist, built the Houdini room in the 1900s. 

    These are the best escape rooms which are reveal now. So, whenever you get a chance to be in the above-mentioned cities, don’t forget to try these escape rooms as they will give you fantastic experiences.  


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