7 Ways To Wear Linen To Make Any Outfit More Classy & Polished

7 Ways To Wear Linen To Make Any Outfit More Classy & Polished

The sun is shining right over our heads with a temperature shooting up and everyone is wondering if they have to go back to work or not in the new normal dawn of 2021. That suggests having to give up on our lounge attire and athleisure behind and dress appropriately for the office. But how would you achieve that when you’re sweating like a swine even in one layer?

Don’t worry, light and breathable fabric, linen. is the answer to your question.

What is Linen?

Linen is obtained from the fibers of the flax plant, with unparalleled breathability. Originally it was produced in Egypt, but only royalty and priests used to get dressed in this priced linen.

Fortunately, you can wear summer linen clothes even without being a Pharaoh. It is more pricey than cotton, due to its limited availability and higher cost of production.

How to Wear Linen?

You should give a shot to wearing linen due to its qualities like breathability, absorbency, and accessibility. Here are a few ways men can easily wear linen in comfort and style.

Classic Blue Linen Button Down

A classic blue linen button-down shirt is very comfortable and an ideal way to dress up formally. Or you can wear it over your boxers, for an instant zoom meeting. Keep this look cool and relaxed by teaming it up with white or beige color trousers.

We suggest wearing wide toes flat footwear to let your feet breathe too during the hot summery days. It is believed that a good solid shirt represents the true character of its wearer! Bring the cool quotient to your wardrobe in the right amount with a super comfy linen shirt.

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Must-Have Black Mens Linen Trousers

Black linen trousers are essential in the wardrobe of every man might. The modern silhouette of these trousers makes them so adaptable and versatile. Cropped right at the ankles, they are superb for a day to night look.

Style it up with a solid white-colored tee and a navy blazer. Also, you can accessorize it with a pair of Chelsea boots to complete the look. 

Polished Off-White Linen Trousers

Usually, underrated but yet as quintessential as a black pair of trousers, off-white linen trousers also look great on men. They are excellent for business casual outfits, giving a laid-back appeal to the wearer. 

You can try pairing it up with a white linen shirt and some dashing brogues. You can also try a traditional look by styling these trousers with your favorite pastel-colored kurta. Just add a pair of Kolhapuri chappal to it and you’re sorted.

Casual Short Sky-Blue Linen Kurta

In case you’re a kurta lover, we recommend you buy a few linen kurtas in different colors. Beginning with a cool color such as sky-blue would be a smart choice for this summer.

Wear it up with your favorite ripped jeans or a pair of chinos. Don’t forget to add in some chic summer shoes to complete the comfortable look.

As festivals hold a very special place in every Indian family, so a nice short kurta can do miracles to magnify the festivities. The comfort and the simplicity of linen kurta make them everyone’s first choice. A classy pair of sandals in dark brown or shiny black will work the best in taking your Indian look to the next level.

Style it Like Nehru

A Nehru jacket tailored in linen fabric is perhaps the most unique pairing. Go for the one with a mandarin collar and straight placket to add a modern touch to it.

Wear it with a greenish kurta and off-white churidar pajama to achieve that minimalist look. Complete your look with brogues or mules for a wedding.

Look smart with a handcrafted linen Nehru jacket. With the perfect blend of design and comfort, a Nehru jacket will an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. You can try wearing it over a plain shirt and teaming it up with a perfect pair of monk straps to be your best version.

Classic White Linen Kurta

A white linen kurta is a staple in the wardrobe of a man who enjoys an elegant, put-together look. A gentleman’s favorite, white linen kurta should have a boxy fit that drapes on the body with ease.

To keep the appearance fresh and clean, carry your classic kurta with black cotton trousers. Or, you can be experimental by styling it with a sorbet-colored bottom and getting a quirky eclectic look.

Styled with a dropped shoulder, a Dhatu exclusive, the Masuta kurta appears very relaxed and fits suitably on all types of body. Made from it, ensures maximum breathability and comfort during hot and humid weather conditions.

Sunshine Chic Pyjama-Kurta

Keep it chill and simple with a yellow linen kurta-pajama at your next family or friends’ get-together. Not only it’s a fashion must-have, but it’s also the one that can upgrade your look, with the mandarin collar and two side pockets on the kurta, adding subtle details to it.

Wear it with a white pajama in a straight fit, complementing the bright kurta excellently. You can also pair it up with different accessories such as a Nehru jacket to make the most out of this pair of the kurta.

Not only this kurta is a fashion must-have but also is the one that can elevate your appearance, no matter what the occasion. team it up with a classic leather kohlapuri chappal to nail that sober and charming look.

How to Take Care of Linen Clothes?

The biggest issue with linen clothes is that it wrinkles too much. The simplest way to tackle this issue is to purchase your clothes in a linen-cotton blend fabric. However, that’s not an ideal solution to it.

Although linen’s wrinkles have a beauty of their own. The wrinkles are evidence that your clothes are made in that luxury fabric. But if the wrinkles bother you, use a steam iron to get rid of them.

Final Thoughts More breathable and cooler to wear than cotton, linen is men’s go-to material for clothes during hot summer days. So, say yes to this and feel the style, comfort, and luxury of the fabric.


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