6 Tips for Faster Torrenting When Downloading Movies


Torrent is one of the most widely used methods for downloading movies and fans from all over the world use this method to download a variety of content. Torrent accesses the content that is stored in individual computers called peers.

There is no central server that hosts content and that gives torrent greater speeds. To download a torrent film, you don’t need to visit streaming sites like kisscartoon alternatives. Instead, you visit a torrent site and download the file in your storage which is processed by a torrent client software that you install on your device.

If you are a beginner in torrenting, you can do the following few things to download movies at a faster rate using this method.

Choosing a Torrent File

For every movie you search on a torrent site, you will see plenty of results. Remember that not all of these will be safer for you. As a rule of thumb, you can pay attention to the number of seeders and leechers. If the seeders are in greater number for a particular file, it is safe and you are good to go.

For beginners out there, seeders are the people who have a complete file of some movie and are uploading it while the leechers are the people downloading that same file. If the seeders are more that means many people have downloaded that file which indicates it is safer.

Lighter Torrent Client

Make sure that the torrent client you have chosen is lightweight and does not consume much RAM. Installing a smaller size torrent client software increases speed because such tools often focus all their power on downloading and do not consume extra bandwidth for unnecessary actions.

Frequent torrent users have noticed that downloading the same torrent file from two different tools gave different downloading speeds and the lighter one had more speed.

Tweak The Settings for Better Speed

Go to the general settings of the client software and select the following options;

Prevent standby, append.! Ut, send detailed info, start to minimise, and automatic updates. Checking the boxes behind these options increases the torrent speeds and that allows you to get the most out of your torrenting experience.

Apply UPnP Port Mapping

Go to the settings options and the preferences and then select UPnP mapping. This allows the seeder to bypass your firewall and links your system directly to the seeder.

Having this direct connection eliminates other leechers interfering with your downloading which in turn increases your downloading speed significantly.

One thing you need to do while using this feature and torrent, in general, is to install any high-rated VPN tool. This will make your torrenting process immune to hacking, malware, and virus threats and protect your online identity and information from theft.

Add More Torrent Trackers

A tracker is what finds seeders for the leechers. It connects peers and if you add more trackers from more than one site and get access to more seeders that can increase your torrent speed by a lot.

You can search torrent trackers online for free and then add them by double-clicking the torrent file in your client software.

Use Advanced Tab Configuration

You can get to these settings in the following way, go to the options and select preferences, and then advanced settings. Set the value of bt.connect_speed to 80. After that go to the filter field and enter the text “net.max_halfopen”.

You will see some options down below and by changing the value to about 500 to 100 and then selecting OK you can increase the downloading speed and make it equal to your internet speed given no other users are using the same connection in your house or office.

Final Words

Feel free to use the above few methods to improve your overall torrenting experience. Using these simple tricks, the speed on movies download movierulz or downloading from other sites becomes faster and more convenient and you get to enjoy the content in the least amount of time.

We hope this information helps you in making your torrent more efficient and faster and you get to have fun watching your favourite films while having to wait very little for the downloading to finish.


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