6+ Meeting Tools That will Help Students to Communicate with Each Other During Lockdown

6 + Meeting Tools That will Help Students to Communicate with Each Other

One of the most difficult things for teachers to accomplish during remote learning is building a community. These are highly important for encouraging students engagement through discussions and the exchange of opinions. Despite the various positive points of virtual studying, this is something that is hard to replicate online.

Teachers usually face blank responses whenever they ask a question during a virtual class. It can be tough to convince everyone to participate in lessons when distance learning even more so than real life. However, technology does have a few tricks up its sleeve to give your students an electronic nudge.

Using digital communication tools is a great strategy for urging students to build conversational skills. And improve classroom engagement. Online discussions allow students to connect with each other virtually. Alongside that it develops confidence in students when they are able to share opinions and have them validated.

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In this article, we have enlisted some of the best tools you can find online to boost student communication. These will serve best not only for conferences but also for interactive discussions, collaborative activities, and sharing information.


This tool is an amazing one to use if you want to share content digitally. Furthermore, it fosters and enhances student engagement. Via Padlet, teachers can create exclusive sessions for brainstorming and invite students along for the ride.

They can share ideas, pictures, files and discuss topics related to ongoing lessons. This is also an incredible tool for students to create their portfolios or presentations. Through it they can showcase their assignments virtually by sharing links.


Teachers can efficiently manage and engage their students through this smart response system specifically designed for classroom usage. Concepts can be convey much easily via Socrative through educational games and exercises. Students can be prompt to participate in activities by creating discussions and chat rooms. It further allows teachers to build online quizzes which can feature those topics which are particularly interesting in lessons. Students feel more involved in lessons when they have relevant competitions and activities to take part in.

Now comment

On this free platform, students can mark up and discuss the class courses and text-based materials. Teachers are able to upload documents and create online discussion channels. Any paragraph, image, video, or sentence is open for multiple discussions.

Teachers also have complete control over students’ comments and the visibility of each comment on a document. There is also an anonymous posting feature that encourages even the shyest of students to participate. And voice their opinions and ideas about any topic. Students can also upload their presentations, documents, and assignment on Now Comment.

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Specifically designed for use as a classroom aid, Kialo is a free platform. It is immensely useful for promoting student discussions by debates. There is also an option to map the topics you have taught and then talk about them.

Via Kialo, teachers are able to host debates through which students can put their knowledge to use. They can also develop unique personal perspectives of what they are taught in class and share them with others. This leads to a consolidation of all the concepts they have learned within the class.

Here are the details of how it works. Initially, a discussion topic is chosen, following which students can select the stance they want to take. It can be either be in favor or in disagreement with the chosen topic. The opinions of the students are labeled as “claims”.

Each claim can branch into further claims which support or challenge the topic. Teachers can include their feedback, recommend improvements, and inquire related questions in the comment section.

It is convenient for students to connect through this platform. They can collaborate to improve their phrasing, supporting evidence, and arguments. Students are encouraged to work as a team and find different ways to express ideas. They can discover their own voice and explore each topic according to their own pace.

Backchannel chat

Backchannel is another amazing platform for increasing classroom involvement, engagement, and encourage sharing. Students are even free to discuss topics that transcend the web!

The role of the moderator of these chats is only for the teacher. They exercise control over all parts of the ongoing discussion like removing messages or preventing a person’s access to posts. The moderator also has the authority to lock a chat if they see fit.


This virtual tool is used in all levels of education systems from elementary to university. It is a simple and intuitive program. Either students can post a particular discussion topic online or it can be student-generated. Either way, the posting occurs on a “grid” which is an online space for collaborative thinking.

Students reply to the posted topic in the form of brief visual clips and sharing it within the virtual classroom. Other students watch the videos and respond which develops and progresses the discussion.


Another free application that not only allows students but also teachers and parents to interact with each other. Instructors are able to create virtual learning spaces where they can also share pictures and videos. Accounts on Classdojo can only be created by the teacher. They have to then share the access code with the students to permit them access.


With these virtual tools in your arsenal, you can build a powerful network amongst your students and yourself. Our academic experts at assignment writing help online have tried and tested them for your convenience. Hence, we can assure you that they can bring massive improvement to the communicative abilities of your class. The interactive exercises will bring out responses from every student and help increase self-esteem and positivity.


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