5 Ways to Boost Your B2B Marketplace Sales


What is a B2B Marketplace?

B2B marketplaces are a place where buyers and sellers meet to do business. They offer a single space for all the manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products.

A B2B marketplaces is an online platform where businesses can trade in products and services. It’s usually used by large companies that want to buy from other companies or sell their own product to other companies. The creators of the marketplace typically charge a fee for each transaction that takes place on the site.

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Marketplace

1) Promotional Offers for Customers

2) A/B Testing and Optimization of Marketing Channels

3) Proper Pricing Strategy for the Right Price Point

4) Bid Management Platforms that Automate Auction Processes & Provide Cost-Effective Results  

 5) Leverage Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Visibility

1) Promotional Offers for Customers

Shoppers love promotional offers. In fact, many of them use these offers as a way to decide which product to buy. Promotional offers are also seen as a marketing strategy to increase the sales of a product or service.

Promotional offers can be in-store or online. There are two types of promotional offers: percent off and dollar off. The first one is the more popular type because it saves shoppers money and encourages them to spend more by buying more expensive items.

2) A/B Testing and Optimization of Marketing Channels

A/B testing is the comparison of two or more versions of a product to determine which one performs better. This is done by showing different versions to different groups in order to determine which one better suits the needs of consumers.

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A/B testing is a popular technique for measuring and optimizing marketing channels such as online advertising, email marketing, social media advertising and mobile marketing. Marketing channels are chosen based on their cost-effectiveness and their ability to produce measurable results.

The main purpose for A/B testing is to maximize conversion rates by discovering which changes in layouts, design or copy will increase the conversion rate for individuals browsing these pages.

3) Proper Pricing Strategy for the Right Price Point

Pricing strategy is a key consideration for any business. The right price point can be the difference between profit and loss.

This section will cover the following topics:

– Deciding on pricing points

– Establishing the right price points

– Understanding premium pricing

– Setting up tiered pricing strategy

4) Bid Management Platforms that Automate Auction Processes & Provide Cost-Effective Results  

Bid management platforms help brands, agencies, and ad networks to manage the processes of bidding on and winning auctions. These platforms have a user-friendly interface that provides analytical insights into the performance of bidding.


Bid management platforms are designed to automate the process of auctioning off ad inventory. They also serve as a means for advertisers to bid on inventory. Advertisers are able to identify and reach their desired audience through targeting options such as site, time, day, demographic data like age and gender, etc.

Since these platforms automate bidding processes, they help advertisers and publishers save time spent in manual labour for bids alongside saving money from lost opportunities in manual bidding due to human error or oversight.


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