5 Steps for Optimizing Codeigniter Framework Performance

5 Steps for Optimizing Codeigniter Framework Performance

The efficiency of a web solution depends upon the tools and methodologies being used for the web development process. The use of the frameworks has brought much advancement in the development process. codeigniter framework is one of the many options available for the firms to choose between. The popularity of this framework has been increased because of the various benefits it offers to businesses. They can get the tailored solutions with the desired functionalities. The security and scalability this platform provides to the web solutions is a reason people prefer to get their websites from CodeIgniter development companies. Its MVC architecture also aids in building strong logic.

From the various available frameworks, the codeigniter framework is considered the fastest and reliable by all means. However, some issues like the slow page loading speed might occur because of some reason. Therefore, it is essential to boost the speed of this framework in order to get better performance. Here are 5 important steps for performance optimization of this framework.

Use of sprites and image optimization

A lot of images are used on a website for different purposes. These could include icons, favicons, or other commonly used images. A separate request goes to the server to display such images. An expert chicago il codeigniter development company boosts the speed of this framework by optimizing these graphics images. The use of sprites is an effective way to do so. A bitmap of these images is created by combining all the images in a single image. Therefore, it reduces the multiple requests going to the server that reduces the loading speed of web pages. These sprites of the images are loaded through the CSS and are presented accordingly. Moreover, scaling the images also improves the performance. Rather than resizing the images through CSS, optimize them manually using reliable tools. 

Minification and compression of contents

This process is quite similar to the use of the sprites strategy. CodeIgniter has the feature of compressing the contents of the website. You can increase the performance of this framework and web apps developed in it. codeigniter development chicago firms use the gzip and deflate techniques to compress the data. Simple use of the code in the htaccess file enables compressing the content. This code added to the htaccess file is called the gzip technique. Additionally, it is also possible by setting the “compress_output” variable to true in the “config.php” file. Similarly, the minification of the contents is done by combining the CSS and JS contents. This phenomenon also boosts the performance of this framework and provides a fast debugging of the code. You can do it using a tool in the CI. Place the compressed file over the server after doing this. It also removes the whitespaces automatically. 

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Organize the CodeIgniter libraries properly  

Several built-in libraries are offered along with the CI framework. These libraries aid in reducing the development time by autocompleting the code for different modules. You can follow the same practice that the top development companies in chicago follow in this regard. They organize the commonly used libraries at a point for the development ease. Create a separate library for the functions that are use often. You will simply have to call these functions to add functionality to your code. It will aid you in eliminating the need to write several lines of the code. Similarly, you can also delete the unused libraries to free up space over the server. It also improves the speed of this framework. However, make sure to organize them properly so that you can find the desired function easily whenever needed. 

Use the search engine optimized URLs

A search engine-friendly URL of the website can benefit the businesses in ranking at the top in search engines. Bad URL is a vital reason because of which the websites are unable to rank and to get the huge online traffic. The codeigniter development chicago has reached an advanced level where they give much importance to this factor. Usually, the web applications developed in the CI include the index.php extension in the URL. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate it from the URL to make it search engine optimized. You need to rewrite few lines of the code in the htaccess file and then upload it over the server. Users will see your website at the top of the search results whenever they will search about a specific product or service. 

Optimize the configurations

Setting the configurations in the different functions is the need of developers during the development process. This process will aid in getting a highly functional website at the end without any code vulnerabilities. This practice opt by the top development companies in chicago may seem complicate or time-consuming, but it helps to save the time that has to be spend otherwise to increases the speed of the website through other means.

You can create a new file to store all the configuration options rather than doing it individually for every function. This way, you do not have to set values for all functions separately.  All these ways to improve the performance of the codeigniter framework are highly effective and provides the best results. As a result, a refine web app is generate with all the working functionalities. The expert CI developers can do it all with much ease as they know about the new releases and existing functionalities very well.


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